Shop philosophy

Thank you for visiting our shop.

Wine Shop Terre is a wine shop specializing in high quality wines from Puglia, Italy & Underwater wines from Basque, Spain.

Our mission is to create a lifestyle where people can enjoy good wine freely and easily.

Our shop has three particularities.

1. We only deal with wines that we have tasted ourselves and that we think are really good.

2. We deal with rare, high quality wines that are not widely available in Japan, and we deliver them in the best conditions, using reefer transport and temperature-controlled storage.

3. By purchasing directly from the winemakers, we are able to eliminate the extra cost of middlemen and at the same time we are able to share with you the passion that the winemakers have for their wines.

While some of the highest quality wines on the market are very expensive, we focus on delicious wines that are affordable for everyday drinking, without brand names or critic ratings. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. We want to offer wines that will add pleasure to your everyday life, not just once in a lifetime.

We will continue to expand our range of Puglian wines and introduce unique wines such as Basque Underwater Wines, so stay tuned!


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